Maintaining the art of nature in balance isn’t an easy task to do. Are you really willing to take the responsibility?


  • Whole game revolves around simple but rich gameplay mechanic, that makes possible to utilize different strategy in each playthrough
  • Control the weather by attracting or repelling rainy clouds
  • Prevent the land from being flooded or dried
  • Face unpredictable weather patterns
  • Apart from basic mode designed to challenge the players, the game also features zen mode with no game-over state and only the core GUI elements


  • Hold left mouse button to attract rainy clouds
  • Hold right mouse button to repulse the rainy clouds
  • Maintain the balance between flooded and dried districts
  • Press F11 for fullscreen in HTML5 version

Everything was created by one person during the 42 hour period of Bratislava Game Jam 2018


Download 2 MB


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Great game! Simple, challenging and rewarding.