A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created as an entry for the Bratislava Game Jam during 48 hours.

Robot Factory is an educational game aimed mainly towards young audience interested in programming. Its purpose is to teach children how to communicate using simple commands and to get a simplified idea about how the programming languages work.

The player in this game gets into the role of a programmer whose task is to make an overhead crane works the most effective way possible. During each mission it's required to ensure transfer of robots through various manufacturing stages to an exit point. The player has to deal with different obstacles whose solution requires growing wit, planning and spatial orientation.

Tomáš Bencko - game design, art
Štefan Nitkulinec - programming
Music and sounds provided by Grand Beats

The game is in Slovak language only


RobotFactory_Win.rar 36 MB


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is there an english version planned? pitiful not playable for me, the resolution is a mess o.o

Hi Pianfensi, thanks for your comment!

This is a game we've created during a 48h game jam and the resolution is an issue we didn't manage to fix unfortunately. English is not planned but if you don't mind trial and error approach I believe it is playable without reading any text :)

Thx for your reply. Nice project, and I'd like to use it in class, if it is ok for you. For algorithms etc.

Of course, feel free to do so :)